Well, here we go – I’m creating a new website for the first time since high school. A lot has changed since the days of playing around in HTML and Flash!

With this new adventure, I hope to create a space that highlights my recent works in the realms of science and art. I hope to have the professional sections of this site established first, which will be followed by a section dedicated to my music and the like. We’re all multifaceted, and I hope this new project helps to expose some of my many interests.

Before I forget, please understand that this website is a work in progress. I will be adding more content as time goes on.



My name is Jackson Hubbard. I am a licensed Professional Geologist with a passion for data analysis, modeling, and presentation. As an former environmental consultant, I used these skills to characterize the contamination of private properties and the Florida Everglades. During my time as a graduate student at the University of South Florida, I leveraged my GIS, AutoCAD, and computing skills to create a georeferenced 3D model of an important ice cave located in Romania.

If any aspects of my research interests you, please feel free to contact me through the contact page.


Master’s Thesis

“3D Cave and Ice Block Morphology from Integrated Geophysical Methods: A Case Study at Scărişoara Ice Cave, Romania”

How does one create a 3D model of a cave and the football field sized ice block located within it? One method involves the combination of 1,500 photographs and structure from motion photogrammetry (SfM), ground penetrating radar (GPR) data to delineate ice depths, and a total station survey for model verification. With the resulting model we estimated the ice block volume, analyzed the geomorphology of the cave floor beneath it, and theorized the conditions that allowed for the initial ice formation.


Above you can see the SfM cave model and the green dots that represent cave floor picks from the GPR data. All data is properly scaled and georeferenced.


The SfM model was verified against a total station survey – with a RMSE of ~0.21 m.


Kriging was then used to create a prediction surface from the GPR picks.


Combined, the ice surface from the SfM and the ice/cave floor were used to create a model of the ice block.


And to locate, describe, and infer the causes of ice formation.

The SfM photogrammetry models uploaded to Sketchfab allow for an instant and easy way to share the 3D experience. Again, these models are georeferenced and scaled, so measurements are a snap in ArcGIS.


I have been a songwriter for around 18 years, primarily constructing songs on the acoustic or electric guitar.

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